About Us


Based in USA and Europe, We are well known with 50 years of leather craftsmanship and skill, 28 years of import and export, 10 years of Ebay selling  experience. 

As we all know, luxury brands sell products by exaggerating the product prices due to copyrights. The actual cost values of the products are approximately 1/3 of the label prices. There for ;

We would like to introduce MonoLuxury as a consortium of factories producing 1:1 qualitative  products with every single details such as Leather, Stitches, Metal accessories, Serial number etc.. over a decade and have been serving you for a long period of time. 

Our only goal is to bring %100 same exactly luxury products to you at real cost prices and to have the products you dream of in order to stop this unfairness for years.

  The quality and craftsmanship are of the same exactly 1:1 qualitative original quality you will ever find in the market !!

MonoLuxury stand by the products with a %100 satisfaction guarantee! And also %100 Money back guarantee in the slightest complaint about the quality of our products.


 MonoLuxury has taken direct charge of the operations and thus offering our customers best quality products at wholesale prices 35% UPTO 60% around the globe.



1. Always offer the customer the best possible designer fashion products in lowest possible price.

2. Simplify the shopping process by creating a vast variety of designer goods possible under one platform.

3. Guaranteed 1:1 qualitative products and high end quality service !!

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